Escape from Cubicle Nation takes to the airwaves

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radioAfter some serious thought and gentle cajoling from my buddy Robert from iscatterlings, I have decided to start the Escape from Cubicle Nation Radio Show on VoiceAmerica.  I first read about VoiceAmerica from my buddies Denise and Patsi of The Blog Squad, who recently started their show Blogging & Beyond.

My show launches on March 9, and it runs every Friday for 13 weeks.  This gets me excited for a number of reasons:

  • I have really enjoyed the interviews I have done on recent podcasts and wanted to have the opportunity for listeners to ask questions directly to my guest experts
  • I am always interested in getting the “free yourself from the bonds of corporate drudgery” message out to as wide an audience as possible, and an internet radio show seems like another neat extension of blogging and podcasting (ironically, Robert told me that when he was living in a remote area of Namibia, he used to listen to VoiceAmerica shows as a way to stay connected to the world of business and marketing in the U.S. and Europe)
  • Now I have another excuse to talk with interesting people
  • The VoiceAmerica headquarters happens to be here in Phoenix, so I get to go into the studio and record live, complete with studio microphones, cool headsets and production assistants that make strange arm motions to signal breaks and who do magic on the mixing board (maybe I have seen too many episodes of Frasier).

Here is the breakdown of the first few shows which will air live on Fridays at 1pm Eastern Standard Time (GMT -5):

March 9:  How has corporate life gotten so unbearable?
Guest: Dr. Bob Sutton, Stanford University, author of The No Asshole Rule:  Building a Civilized Workplace and Surviving One That Isn’t
While there have always been challenges working in a corporate environment, in the last decade it has become vastly more unstable and uncomfortable. Frequent mergers, acquisitions, downsizing, off-shoring, shrinking economies and powerhouse talent from countries such as China and India have left many corporate employees stressed, frustrated, cynical, overworked and afraid for their jobs.  Learn why you need to radically redefine your relationship with work if you need to stay in a corporate job for awhile until you can start your business.

March 16:  Where to begin:  The key starting points to launch your new business
Guest: Rich Sloan, Co-founder, Startup Nation .
The process of starting a new business can seem totally overwhelming to a new entrepreneur.  Luckily, there are organized, clear steps to follow that will ensure your business is started the right way, with the biggest chance of success.  Rich will share his own fascinating and adventure-filled entrepreneurial story, as well as share what has worked to launch thousands of businesses at the Startup Nation community.

March 23:  Identify your true passions so you start a business you love.
Guest: Dr. Srikumar Rao, Columbia and London Business Schools, author of Are You Ready to Succeed? Unconventional Strategies to Achieving Personal Mastery in Business and Life.
One of the common symptoms of being in a corporate environment for a long time is disconnecting from your emotional and intuitive self.  Before choosing which business to start, you must identify your inherent interests, talents and passions.  Dr. Rao has very unique and useful tools for getting to the heart of finding your purpose.

March 30:  Profile of a purpose-filled business.
Guest: Steven A. Darden, Owner, Success and Directions Enterprises, Navajo Cultural Educator and Leader.
A real example of a successful entrepreneur who blends creative talent, flexibility, spirituality and family into his multi-faceted home-based business.  This is a show for those of you who identify as a “Renaissance Soul,” as Steve combines award-winning feather and bead work, leadership consulting, traditional Native American healing and real estate investing in his business model.

I have thirteen episodes in all, so I would love to ask your input and help in the following areas:

  • Suggestions for good topics
  • Suggestions for good guests (Don’t be shy to pitch yourself if you have successfully made the leap from corporate to entrepreneurship, or if you are an expert in a topic that you think my listeners would get value from)
  • Suggestions for sponsors.  Yes, this is going to be a “real” show, complete with sugar daddies and mamas!  Is there a company that you think would be a great fit for my target audience?
  • Call in to ask questions on the shows! Can you imagine how embarrassing it will be if I launch my first show and in the Q&A section, no one calls in?

I am really excited about this and hope you are too.  Like all internet radio, the shows will be available for download if you are unable to listen at the appointed time.

If you want to leave your thoughts in the comments, that would be ideal so that others can view and build on your ideas.  But if you feel more comfortable sending an email, please do!  pcs (at) ganas (dot) com.

Thank you Robert so much for your kind and supportive encouragement.  I would not have done it without you!

And I might as well break a little more startup news … a new baby is in the works in the Slim household!  Yep, I am pregnant with baby #2.  We are very excited and can’t wait to  become parents again.  I will share a few thoughts related to this:

  • I promise not to turn this blog into “Pam’s baby journal.”
  • That said,this is an official disclaimer that I may have a moment where I write unnecessarily snarky posts.  In the case someone gets offended, I will have my lawyer read the following statement:  “Pam was not in her right mind — it was the hormones talking.” (Anyone who has ever been pregnant or lived with someone who is will understand this.)
  • My email response time has been lagging since I am unable to do my customary late-night inbox cleanses since I am so dang tired!  I must get more efficient with email (all you GTD aficionados must have tips for this!)  To those who have sent kind notes or questions lately, my apologies for not getting back to you yet.  I will soon!
  • Finally, for those that have been gently goading me about my (stalled) book project, here is the good news:  now I have a REAL deadline!  I hope to make real progress, if not finish it before the baby comes.

Thanks everyone for bearing with a long post!

20 Responses to “Escape from Cubicle Nation takes to the airwaves”

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  2. Chris Owen says:

    Congratulations on such a wonderful “win” for you!

  3. I will be a guest if you need me. We can talk about social media in marketing, or about bootstrapping a company.

  4. trixie says:

    yay!!! congratulations!

  5. robert says:

    errrr when I say majors I include VoA. They did themselves proud by me many years ago and I rate them highly. Will be getting a DAB set and will pick up on my friends at VoA again.

    And as for the new babushka??? Fanbloodytastic mate!

  6. robert says:

    ……and you guys just do not know how much ass I had to kick to get Pam to this brilliant stage!!! Heehee!

    This is sensational news and I am so pleased for you Pam. I know you and radio are as water is to a duck. You are a natural and this will be a breeze for you and you are going to be a great success in this medium too.

    You will rock the airwaves and rule them.

    I reckon one of the major stations will come calling soon to negotiate a spot for you. And may I say that they have excellent taste in the extremely talented and inspirational Mrs Pamela Slim.

    Go girl go! Shoo. You’ve got programmes to make and guests to invite. Git!

  7. Jeni Miller says:

    Can’t wait to hear the interviews. I had three meetings yesterday and your name came up in each. First, I did a training session with a current small-business owner who I thought would enjoy reading your blog to keep up to date with tips and strategies for succeess. The second was with a woman who was “job eliminated” from a huge corporation. We talked about the opportunity she has to start a new business. And the final meeting was with a friend who is completely frustrated with her current job at a consumer magazine and who wants to start a new business within a health-related field. I find it amazing how many people are out there who stay in unsatisfying jobs and drudge through the day without any passion.

  8. Friday Favorites

    It’s Friday again, and we all know what that means: time for Friday Favorites! Pamela Slim of Escape from Cubicle Nation has two big pieces of news. Guy Kawasaki of How to Change the World gives us The Asshole Rating

  9. Congratulations on your two new babies, Pam. Denise and I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the VoiceAmerica people on our Blogging and Beyond show. You have a great line up: Robert Sutton is in my Hall of Fame as a favorite biz book author. Can hardly wait!

  10. Gordon says:

    Congrats on the Radio Show…have fun…nothing better than a live performance…helps to polish our delivery and speed up our thought process…have a great weekend


  11. Murali says:

    Congratulations and Thank you.

    And Congratulations again and Best Wishes to both.

    Will I be able to download the shows to my iPod? It would be great.

    Please take care.

  12. apu says:

    Due to a rather slow connection here, I havent been able to sign up for any of your talks. That said, I’ve gained a lot just reading your blog, and I love the writing, as well as the generosity with which you share your thoughts. Good luck with the new show and the baby.

  13. Pam, you know it makes ME feel happy to feel so happy for YOU! You are good at something that is doing a bunch of good. Teaching and coaching something that makes a difference — lucky you!Congrats! michael I will have my ears on Fridays

  14. Yay! Congratulations on both new additions! I’d be less worried about crankiness than the unofficial disorder I named during my pregnancy: Pregnancy-Induced Stupidity Syndrome (PISS). It seems that, during pregnancy, maternal brain cells break free of their moorings, travel through the placenta, and “seed” the brain of the embryo. It’s a purely unscientific theory, but I’m pretty sure I can blame it for any and all lapses of memory until my son goes to college. 🙂

  15. Leah Maclean says:

    Firstly Pam a BIG congratulations on both counts – the radio show and the baby (or should that be the other way around 🙂 )

    And secondly a question can you global readership tap into these radio shows as well?

  16. Richard says:

    After the shows, will MP3’s be available?

  17. Nneka says:

    Staples was the first thing that came to me when I read about the sponsors. I love the easy button. When I feel in a jam, I press it and it lights me up. while getting a biz up and going isn’t easy, the easy button alone will help to alleviate stress AND Staples does make it easy to get all your office needs met. They’re almost like an assistant.

    Congratulations on the baby 🙂

    In Spirit,

  18. JVRudnick says:

    One thing I do know, is that most if not all startups need capital. Perhaps you might add a show on “Angels – how to find them?”


  19. Joey Roth says:

    Dror Benshetrit, a designer who started his own studio right out of school, would be a great interview:

  20. Will the downloadable shows be on your podcast feed?