I live for these emails

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The absolute best part of writing this blog is when I get emails like this from my readers:

"I wanted to let you know that I’ve left my University job of 12 years to do workflow consulting. I read David Allen’s book "Getting Things Done," which made a huge improvement in my life and lead to a crash-course studying modern productivity techniques. I then created my own seminars and started doing one-on-one consultations, with great feedback. So far I’ve been working in the Northeast with people from
mid- to large-sized organizations, including senior staff and faculty at UMass, and the results have been exciting. I’m now getting requests from around the US, so it looks like it’s time to expand."

In this particular case, I am so thrilled that the person writing is my long-time devoted reader and often thoughtful commenter Matthew Cornell.  He has been talking about leaving his "employee gig" for a long time and starting his own business, and he took all the right steps to make it happen.  He didn’t leap without looking, he carefully researched his market and planned his business, he started a blog on his topic of interest and cultivated a body of readers eager to learn from him and he was helpful, supportive and friendly to other bloggers in the spirit of true camaraderie, not self-interest.

Matthew, congratulations for making the leap!  You are in good company, joining the other EfCN readers who made the leap as well, like basquette and Timothy King.

If anyone out there is in need of some serious help with work flow consulting to manage the overwhelming volume of "stuff" inundating your life, check out Matthew’s new business!

I know we are all cheering you on Matthew – congratulations.


5 Responses to “I live for these emails”

  1. Congratulations Matthew, I wish you all the best!

  2. Les Posen says:

    I liked what I saw at Matthew’s page EXCEPT for the out of date workshops. I was looking for the outcome comments, not info to register for workshops conducted in October 2006.

    I was looking for the slides to help me see just part of what Matthew talks about (not just writes about in his site) but they weren’t to be seen.

    Matthew, you’ve bolted out of the blocks on the 100-metre dash; the finishing line is still 90 metres away… keep pumping! Good luck!

  3. Pamela, thank you so much for your support. Your writing
    has been and continues to be a real inspiration – great content, warmth, and wisdom. We’re all fortunate to have you here.

    Michael: Much appreciated! I agree – there can be a large gap between ideation and execution, and I’m starting to understand why! Seriously, It’s a privilege to be able to try this out.

  4. Matthew Cornell… the company you keep (and the blog friends) Kudos on the leap and no matter what at some point it is still a leap! Seth Godin riffed on 1/23 “…The hard part is actually executing the thing you’ve thought of.” You leaping, hitting the ground and then running! Godspeed and congrats. Nice post Pam.

  5. Keith Handy says:

    I’m curious about the source of the photo. It looks kind of Storm Thorgerson-ish.

    Hey Keith!

    Like almost all my photos, it is from istockphoto.com.

    I thought it was kind of cool. I should know, but don’t know the name of the photographer.