Escape podcast: When is your branding "good enough" to start marketing?

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If you are just starting to market your business, you might feel a little exasperated when trying to choose a perfect brand name.  It may feel like until you do this, you can’t move forward with any marketing plans and you feel stuck and frustrated.

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In this episode (7 1/2 minutes or so), I cover:


  1. What a good branding process should look like
  2. Which marketing activities you can undertake before your brand is fully baked
  3. Which marketing activities you should hold off on until you are 80% or more satisfied with your brand

I also mention a few resources:

Oh yeah, and I didn’t mention it in the podcast, but I did have some fun writing about branding before:  What’s in a brand name?  More than you think

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I know not all of you will agree with what I have to say … let your ideas rip here, ok?

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