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I got a huge brainstorm last week as I was thinking about ways to expand on and improve my podcast for 2007.  To this point, I have kept it very short and succinct, with the idea that busy corporate employees don’t have hours of time to spend listening to recordings.  It seemed like the 5-7 minute timeframe was just about right for a quick hit of information and encouragement every other Monday.

At the same time, I have been hearing from many, many readers that there are some deep issues that they want more information about.  Things like “How do I figure out what kind of business to start?” and “How do I sell and market my services if I have never done that before?”

So I had a brainstorm:  what if one of the the two podcasts a month was in a longer, interview format where I could ask some of my “entrepreneurial heroes” their perspectives on these deeper issues?  I figured the interviews could last about 45 minutes – 1 hour and could focus not just on the expertise of the interviewee, but also some of their personal stories about building a business.  That is always what fascinates me.  The people I hold in high regard not only have thriving businesses, but also very cool and healthy lives.

So I jumped on email and started poking around, and lined up the following guests:

  • Martha Beck in January for an in-depth look at how you figure out the work you are meant to do, and hence which business to start.  Martha is a long-time idol of mine and wrote the very useful book “Finding Your Own North Star.” She also writes a monthly column for O Magazine.  She is the most profound coach I know, and was a huge influence on me finding my own path.  Besides which, she is hilarious.
  • John Jansch of Duct Tape Marketing for February, on the topic of where to start with small business marketing.  I just blogged about John and know that he will be a font of information about all things marketing.  I am especially interested in marketing for people who have never done it, or who don’t consider themselves “extroverted.”
  • Guy Kawasaki for March about … I’m not sure just yet.  He just announced that he is writing a book about getting venture capital so this would be an obvious topic, but he also has an interesting perspective on a lot of different things.

I plan on creating an “open questions” post a week before each interview to solicit your questions and find out what you would like to know from the interviewee.

The other person on my “dream list” is Jim Collins, a long-time hero from the world of academics and publishing, who wrote Built to Last and Good to Great.  I know that I want to talk with Jim about discovering work you are meant to do and creating a life plan, as when I heard his  personal story at a Fast Company conference in 2000, I was completely blown away.  If anyone is buddies with Jim and can make an introduction, I would be extremely grateful.  If not, I will do it the old fashioned way:  grovel and beg!

What do you think about this idea?  Would you listen to longer podcasts if they had these kinds of interviews?  Who would be fascinating to hear from?

I really value your input.  Thanks!

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13 Responses to “Input on expanded podcast for 2007”

  1. Graydon says:

    Podcasts may be good for people that are setup to take them with them… but even 7 minutes in front of the computer listening to details can be a challenge for some of us (for various reasons).

    Just give a thought to transcripts and if it’s viable to offer…

    In 7 minutes I can read a week worth of your posts or listen to 1 podcast that only at the end do I completely realize that it’s not “for me”.

    Respectively suggested.

  2. Pamela Slim says:

    Thanks so much for all the great comments everyone! They really help.

    I am going to move forward with the one short/one long per month and see how it goes.

    And I am determined to finally record a professional intro with music in the new year!

  3. I’d suggest have two podcasts, one is the shorter weekly one; and the other is the new and improved long one. Include brief excerpts in the short one, and then refer people to the long one for all the details.

  4. David Harper says:

    Hi Pam,

    I agree with Thomas’ idea to chunk ’em into episodes. I recently finished David Allen’s 8-episode podcast at 43 folders ( ). These are larger chunks but easily digested in this format.

    Thanks for your blog/podcasts and your service. The “Island of Misfits” was inspiring! Certainly “how to” topics are helpful–but topics/guests related to inspiration/movitation will never go out of style, for me, because in my opinion, we (me) need more than anything the right *attitude* to engage daily in the disciplined activity of cubicle topling. Thanks – David Harper @ Bionic Turtle

  5. If you go for the longer interview format, you might consider taking the interview and “chunking” it into shorter segments.

    I produce Spiral Story at to ignite new ways of thinking and learning. My interviews are about an hour.

    Then we break the one-hour interview into four segments…releasing one a week over the month. It seems to work well. You can modify the idea to what might work for you.

    In February we’ll be releasing a new interview a week, the full hour. It’s a new approach, so we’re experimenting with that one.

    Something to think about 🙂

    Thomas R. Clifford
    Corporate Filmmaker & Story Katalyst

  6. I enjoy interviews with people in the know. They often have little nuggets which can be tremendously helpful.

  7. Katelyn says:

    I agree with Ken. Longer podcasts would be wonderful, at least for variety. And this list of guests is very exciting! Thank you for your continuing hard work, guidance, and support, Pam.


  8. Ken says:


    I would welcome longer podcasts and your list is fantastic.

  9. Anne says:


    I’m a new fan of your blog and am just beginning the leap of faith in to business. Yes, please! Longer podcasts and guests are perfect!

    Thumbs up for Martha Beck in January. Seth Godin also gets my vote. Great stuff! Thanks for all your posts.

  10. Jef says:

    Hi Pam, definately go for it! I like your podcasts, but was also longing for more deepness and detail. So interviews are a great idea. I am subscribed to some other podcasts that already use the interview format, and it is a great source of information and inspiration.

    Good idea to combine longer and shorter podcasts, the longer ones will be for in the car or on the train..

    Great list of people to interview!! Other names that would interest me are Seth Godin & Kathy Sierra.

  11. I definitely think you should go for it it. And, I actually like the 7-minute format.

    It’s a great format for the web, while the longer interviews are great to listen to while driving, exercising, etc.

    I’m looking forward to the day when someone figures out way to take the 100 gigs of data we encounter every day, and download the ‘gist’ into our heads…

  12. I’d stay, stick with the mix. I tend to listen to your podcasts soon after they come out, because they are short and punchy – and since I don’t commute, they’re short enough to listen to the whole thing on the way to the grocery store!

  13. Chris Hajer says:

    I think you should do it. The 7 minute format doesn’t do it for me, and I would appreciate the longer version to really get into the issues. I am especially looking forward to the John Jansch interview in February.

    In addition to his, I would be interested in hearing from pretty much any successful marketer, maybe Jay Levinson or Seth Godin. I’ll take as much marketing banter as I can get my ears on.