Extremely handy time zone planner

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Do you often scratch your head to set up meetings with various partners all over the globe?  I am particularly vexed by this since in Arizona, we don’t observe Daylight Savings Time and so half the year we are on Pacific Time, and the other half we are on Mountain Time (we are now on Mountain). My friend Olivier in Tokyo pointed me to this extremely handy time zone planning tool to use when scheduling meetings: The World Clock Meeting Planner.  All you do is choose the cities you are trying to schedule, and you will get a grid of green (optimum) yellow (possible) or red (one person should be sleeping – a bad time to meet) zones to choose an appropriate meeting time.  (click on the image in this post to see the example up close.)

I am going to use this all the time now – I love it when people come up with practical tools like this!  According to their website:

"Time and Date AS (AS – "Aksjeselskap") is a private, limited liability company owned by Steffen Thorsen. The company is based in Stavanger, Norway. It is registered in the Norwegian "Br√łnn√łysundregistrene" (The register of business enterprises) as NO 988 375 713 MVA."  Way to go Steffen!

4 Responses to “Extremely handy time zone planner”

  1. Ork says:

    This is a very good and handy tool although, I think this one is better:


  2. Frank Meeuwsen says:

    Very handy indeed. Too bad it pops up some nasty spyware programs like Drivecleaner….

    Update from Pam:

    I contacted the developer and got the following response:

    Thank you for reporting it. Timeanddate.com does not permit popups nor spyware, so Drive Cleaner clearly should not appear on timeanddate.com in theory.

    The problem is that some of the advertising is served through third-party ad networks, and even though we specify filters of which types of ads to disallow, unfortunately some ads get through their filter (since the ad networks sometimes do mistakes, or the advertiser changes the ad banner).

    When this happens and is discovered or reported, the ad is located and disabled manually. The problem is that I cannot find any Drive Cleaner ads anywhere, in any of the ad networks, so this is a real mystery.

    I will contact the person who added that entry in your blog, and ask if he still sees the problem. Based on that, it might be possible to locate where it is coming from.

    Best regards,

    So it seems like it is an isolated thing, and you should be able to use the clock without worry.


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  4. A friend of mine in Australia turned me on to this tool a few months ago and now I use it almost daily. Great stuff.