Great article: 10 Laws to Help You Thrive as an Entrepreneur

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My good friend and emerging business partner Philippa Kennealy, author of The Entrepreneurial MD Blog (we’re just beginning some joint venture projects to benefit both our audiences) just wrote an excellent article called 10 Laws to Help You Thrive as an Entrepreneurial Physician.  I realize most of you aren’t doctors (as she is), but the laws apply to any aspiring entrepreneur.

The full-length article which expands on the blog post is here.

Boy is it nice to have smart friends!

Enjoy your weekend!

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2 Responses to “Great article: 10 Laws to Help You Thrive as an Entrepreneur”

  1. Graydon says:

    “Boy is it nice to have smart friends”

    I can just here Stuart Smalley reprimanding you for subconciously knocking your own intelligence level by commenting like that.

    Repeat again “I’m good enough, I’M SMART ENOUGH, and doggonit, people like me!”

    You busted me Graydon! Thank you for the Stuart Smalley reprimand.

    Actually, I would be falling into old habits if Philippa was a “helmet head” – good thing she isn’t, despite the multiple letters after her name and good hair. 🙂


  2. Hey sistah

    You’re a doll for giving me a great plug – I bow down to you in gratitude. It is a privilege to be “exposed” to your terrific readers. No wonder I am so excited about the opportunity to start working together – you’re a really great “mistressmind” buddy!!

    Have a deservedly excellent weekend.