Escape podcast: The curse of competence

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Curse Happy Monday!  It is podcast time again, and this episode focuses on the curse of competence, or how to avoid starting a business based on a skill or ability that you get great rewards for but are very burned out on.

Go here to access the podcast – this time it is under 5 minutes, so you should be able to sneak it in at work when no one is looking.

I am writing this post from Starbucks, as my cable internet connection went on the blink and I am unable to get someone to the house to fix it until Wednesday!  Oh, the horror!  So if you email or send comments, I may be slow on the draw the next couple of days.

Don’t forget that on Wednesday, Nov. 8 at 1pm Eastern time U.S, I am holding another free Escape from Cubicle Nation question and answer call.  We had a lot of fun last month, and just have a freewheeling conversation about what is on your mind, escape-wise!  To sign up and get the call-in details, send a blank email to  Remember to respond to the confirmation email that verifies your attendance, otherwise you will miss the call in details.

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2 Responses to “Escape podcast: The curse of competence”

  1. Hi Pamela

    I just listened to the podcast and it was a great one, as usual. It is ironic that you started with an example about a corporate lawyer starting an independent practice. I was employed at a corporate law firm until July 2005 and started my own practice in August 2006. I started my own practice because I could do it quite easily and because I believed that if I practice the way I prefer to practice, it will make a difference to my feelings about my work.

    So I have been running that practice for the last year and I find that while some of the work interests me quite a bit, I just don’t feel the excitement that I used to feel Sunday night when I realised I had work the next day.

    I wonder if we sometimes don’t need to move out of our career gradually by doing something similar after we leave the cubicle and something different after that.

  2. Lauren says:

    What’s that awesome image?

    Hi Lauren!

    I got it off of and apparently it is a composite picture using a Tarot card as background. It came up when I searched on the word “curse” and I thought it was pretty cool!