Pam’s travel pic roundup

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I have been on the road and interacting with "real live human beings" (no offense, my virtual friends!)more in the last month or so than I have in about 2 years.  My first foray out of the desert was my whirlwind trip to New York last month to meet Gloria Steinem, then I went to Georgia to teach a workshop for Habitat for Humanity, then, just today, Amanda Congdon and her crew stopped by the house to film a segment for Amanda Across America.  I took pictures at each event and thought that I would share them with you in the spirit of an "extended family" photo album.

I have to say that having a tuned in, supportive blog community has inspired me to get out more, create more, expand the reach of my message, walk my own talk and build a great brand and company.  So THANK YOU for your encouragement and I hope you enjoy my photo assortment.

Click on any image to see it full-size.

Most recent first:  Amanda and I have our interview at a table in my backyard. The full interview will be posted next week and I will of course link to it.


My family and the Amanda Across America crew, Brady Bunch style on my back steps, clockwise from bottom left:

My son Josh (with candy in his mouth, which his Dad used to stop him from screaming MOMMY in the middle of the interview), my husband Darryl, me, Amanda,  Mario (videographer), Rob (videographer and Mario’s brother) and my bonus son Jeffery.  Emily, also in Amanda’s cross-country crew, is not in the pic as she was behind the camera!


Americus, Georgia with Habitat for Humanity’s Youth Program Staff:
I don’t have a listing of everyone’s name, but you will note that the two nerds in front are me and Patrick, who both felt compelled to pose "grammar school softball picture style"  on one knee. We discussed in the training that a "nerd" or "geek" is actually a compliment, so I am not insulting Patrick by my label.  Also of note is my best friend Desiree, the director of Youth Programs, who is in the far left of the back row.  Thank you Youth Programs staff for all your wonderful energy and enthusiasm!

This picture was taken in front of one of their display homes in their Global Village education center where they show full-size Habitat Homes from many countries.  I totally forget which country this was from … sorry!


OK, now here come the strange possessed photos from the Greenstone Media launch in New York.  For some reason, in every pic I look like an obsessed serial stalker who I would run from if I saw myself in a crowded room.  Maybe I was just star struck, I don’t know. 

This group are the blogging gals who came from various parts of the country (and Canada)to attend the launch event.  I enjoyed hanging out with Funky Brown Chick (to the right of me) Her Bad Mother (to the left of me) and Mom 101 (with the headband to the left of Her Bad Mother).


Here is where we get Jack Nicholson from The Shining meets the Stepford Wives:  me squished behind Gloria Steinem, looking scary.


Here is me actually talking with Gloria, but still looking quite possessed.  No wonder she "kept working the room" and moved on to other conversations.  Wouldn’t you?


All these wonderful in-person interactions have kept me very energized and stoked my passion to keep growing and expanding my work.  Hope you enjoyed the ride!

5 Responses to “Pam’s travel pic roundup”

  1. Mark Vane says:

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  2. Seeing how Ms. Steinem energizes the women around her lends great credibility to her work.

  3. Carla Golden says:

    Hi Pam,
    You definitely have that “deer caught in the headlights” look in a couple of those photos. But I probably would look like that too, if I was in the presence of Ms. Steinem, the goddess of feminism. I loved the group photo with Amanda. In that photo you look relaxed and natural–the REAL you! Thanks for sharing your photos.

  4. Mom101 says:

    Wow, fantatic photos on what seems like a truly incredible trip. I was trying to figure out for five minutes what that shiny thing on my head was because I know for a fact that I took the tinfoil hat off before leaving the house. Then I remembered…my glasses. You know, just in case I get mobbed by adoring fans at the event.

  5. Great photos, Pamela – even the Greenstone group shot, in which eight sweaty women swarm Gloria Steinem. You and she, at least, look good.