Podcast episode 2: Plan your life, then plan your business

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Podcast5_1This week’s podcast is on the topic of the importance of thinking about your ideal life before you get busy writing your business plan.

It is just under 4 1/2 minutes.

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I included a simple exercise you can do when you have a few minutes time.  Please let me know how it goes, if and where you get stuck, and how it changes or impacts how you are thinking about your new business.

I had many people offer generous assistance to take my podcast to the next level .. .thanks in particular to Alex and Matthew for your great advice and information.

I will implement some of their recommendations in the next edition on September 25.  For now, I used the same low-tech approach.

The Escape from Cubicle Nation Podcast is broadcast every other Monday and will have subscription information available on September 25.

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2 Responses to “Podcast episode 2: Plan your life, then plan your business”

  1. Jen says:

    I really like the exercise. I’ve done something similar before, but not in so much detail. I’m just in the early stages of my business now, and it’s easy to get discouraged, but I try to sit back and imagine, if this does work, what my daily life could be like – and it gives me some new energy to move forward.

  2. robert says:

    Aaah coool! I downloaded Juice last night in eager anticipation of your pods and await the subscription details.

    Meanwhile I will listen to a few of PW Fenton’s Digital Flotsam and Shel Holz’s podcasts to pass the time.