Calling all 20s-early 30s women who made the leap from corporate to entrepreneur

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It has been a busy media week … I just got a ping from someone looking to talk to a few young women in their 20s-early 30s who successfully made the leap from corporate employee to entrepreneur.

Are you such a woman, or does your wife/daughter/former colleague/neighbor or niece fit this criteria?

  • You were indeed a corporate cog
  • Your biz is full-time and up and running (doesn’t matter what it is – the more variety the better)
  • You fit the age guidelines of 20s-to early 30s
  • You can respond by tomorrow, Thursday Sept. 7 at 12pm PST

Please email me back at pcs(at)ganas(dot)com with a few brief sentences about your story and complete contact info.

I am forwarding this along with no promises for fame and fortune, but the hope that one of you gets lucky and gets a bit of press about your business.  I feel good if I can grease the wheels and make a few connections. 

Speaking of "I am woman, hear me roar," I am interviewing Gloria Steinem tomorrow for a post about the upcoming launch of Greenstone Media, which I will be attending in New York next Tuesday.  I can’t wait to hear her take on starting a new business in an arena (radio) that some say is being eclipsed by new media.  Stay tuned.

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One Response to “Calling all 20s-early 30s women who made the leap from corporate to entrepreneur”

  1. Kaylea says:

    Congrats on landing the interview — but now you have me wishing that your blog had a companion podcast so that I could listen in! Not that you need another iron in the fire, but I bet you could get a lot of people interested in a podcast on these kinds of topics.


    Hi Kaylea!

    Well, funny that you should mention it. I just started a podcast on August 28. I will publish it every 2 weeks. I am just now getting through all the details of syndication, and will soon have a subscribe button on the blog soon. Yu can find the first episode here:

    Thanks for the encouragement – I am really excited about the interview possibilities that will open up with the podcast in the mix.

    All the best,