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I have referred many of you to Startup Nation since I think it is an excellent source of free information about the nuts and bolts of starting a business.  They also have a rapidly growing community forum which many members find helpful for real-time interaction and feedback on questions about starting a business.  I have met and hung out with the founders, Rich and Jeff Sloan (as well as some other Startup Nation employees), and they are fun, creative, ethical and passionate people.  When I meet people like that, I do all I can to support their business.

They asked if I would help spread the word about a poll and contest they are hosting right now to get some good feedback about the use and usability of their site.  Prizes include a week of free advertising or an iPod Nano.  If you have a few minutes, please visit and offer your feedback


One Response to “Startup Nation Poll”

  1. mukesh says:

    i am industrial designer, currrently enployed at a automotive design firm. while working i am also working on an idea, which i had in my mind for long. some of your writing is really helpful to understand the situation like i am in. most of your articles are generalize but i see that contextual environment plays considerable role. i could see that as i m in india and things are not same as in USA.
    i do believe , in india people are little conservative accepting or investing in new ideas.
    govt. policy also need to be improved and generic research is something, need serious thought.
    but lot of thing happening in service related industry.
    you may write back me.