Downloadable version of “My Declaration of Independence” now available

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A number of you asked for the downloadable version of my Flash movie My Declaration of Independence to play at those moments when interminable meetings and cube life get the best of you.

Find it on YouTube here.

My secret wish … that you “accidentally” play it instead of your canned, boring presentation at a huge, important company-wide meeting.  🙂

(Your freedom from your corporate job may come quicker than you think if you do that, so be prepared!)

4 Responses to “Downloadable version of “My Declaration of Independence” now available”

  1. Kerry Woo says:

    Pamela, I was blessed to see this Declaration as it meant so much to me on this Labor Day 2006.

    I blogged about the encouragment found in the presentation:

    Thanks for sharing!

    Thanks so much Kerry! I really appreciate it. Happy Labor Day to you too and keep up the good, motivated work!


  2. Verborragia says:

    Blog Day 2006

    Hoy es el blogday2006 y la consigna es mostrarle a otros, 5 blogs que hayas descubierto. A ver qué tengo.
    1) Get a Life! Pam

    Mary Hunt says:

    Simple. Honest. Nicely done. I wish ad campaigns had this much heart and soul.