Request: Self-employed person without employees working with same

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I just got a request from a media colleague for the following:

"My ideal example is self-employed person with no employees who is working on a project with several other self-employed people who also don’t have employees."

If you work in the U.S. and seem to fit this description or know someone who does, please send me an email with your contact info and a short description of what you are working on to pcs(at)ganas(dot)com. I will forward the info on to my colleague, and if it fits what he is looking for, he will get back to you. 

If you could get this to me by mid-day tomorrow that would be great. (Wednesday August 30 at 12pm Pacific Standard Time)

A little press never hurt anyone, eh?

No offense non-U.S.’ers .. the story is about U.S. based solopreneurs, so we will get you next time around!


One Response to “Request: Self-employed person without employees working with same”

  1. Um….yea… a Canuck gonna have to wait on this one…


    You know I love my northern bretheren and sisteren … nothing personal, eh?