Great small business reads for summer from 800-CEO-Read

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Stack_of_books I just came across this very useful list of recommended reads for entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs-to-be that is put out by the National Dialogue on Entrepreneurship:

I will not buy one more book until I make it through the stack on the edge of my bathtub.  Remind me to buy some stock in Amazon, as I am a hopeless addict.  I really should visit the library more often so that I don’t have to work so hard to support my book habit.

Thanks to the folks at 800-CEO-Read on Duct Tape Marketing’s Blog Channel for the info.

Update 7/27/06:  A sharp reader pointed out that if you like these books, you should buy them from the nice folks at 800-CEO-Read since they have a bookstore, not from Amazon.  See what an addict I am?  I am blinded to other booksellers.

5 Responses to “Great small business reads for summer from 800-CEO-Read”

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  2. Bruce says:

    Please be nice to the great work over at 800-ceo-read! You mention the great list from them and then turn around to say you will buy from Amazon??

    Dance with the person that brought you to the party. (excuse me for being old fashioned)

  3. Summer Reading List Blues

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  4. argos says:

    are you sure you want to keep them near the bathtub? Sounds like an accident waiting to happen.

    I too am an addict.

    Me: ” Hi everyone. My name is Argos. I am 49 years old and, I am addicted to reading great business books.”

    Everyone: Welcome Argos. Thanks for sharing. Lets all say a prayer”

  5. David says:

    I’ve run across Maybe this is the way to reduce the book purchase habit–a socially networked global library system (and not just for books–got a shovel I can borrow?).

    I’m hoping I can use this kind of service to help my small business “rent” products to customers. I am looking forward to this getting out of private beta…