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Link I realize that I had forgotten to let you know about a few articles I wrote that were published at Startup Nation in the Advice for the Unhappily Employed series.  I am working on a couple of more articles for this series profiling successful entrepreneurs, so I will share those later. 

Getting in Position to Start a Business
Steps you can take while still employed to get ready to break out and start your own business.

3 Tips to Financially Prepare for Entrepreneurship
Helpful hints I gleaned from the Money Coach Lynette Khalfani.

Knowing it’s Time to Quit Your Day Job
A profile of the very creative and successful Carla Blazek who tells her story of going from cavorting with Bono and U2 as a stressed-out Microsoft employee to candle maker extraordinaire.

For fun, I also contribute a post to one of my blog reader’s new sites TripHub that provides group travel-related tips and information.  I chronicled lessons learned from a group trip I led to Brazil in my crazy 20s:
Don’t Lodge 12 People in a Single-Room Apartment and 4 other Group Travel Tips

Finally, I have been getting many MicroISV (self-funded, 1 to 5 person software startup company) visitors to my blog lately thanks to a plug from MyMicroISV.  Some readers have questions that I simply am not qualified to answer about starting a web-based business.  So I ran across this Squidoo lens and thought I would pass it on: Starting and running a web-based business

For a laugh, I was impressed that Hallmark had an edgy e-card:
Interview with an honest boss

Have a great weekend everyone!  Happy Canadian Independence Day (update:  it’s called Canada Day) tomorrow for my North of the border friends and Happy 4th to my US friends.  Look for a post on Monday where I will share a little Flash movie I have been working on … My Declaration of Independence. (Production update Wed 7/5 … I am still working out a few bugs so I’ll post when it is ready to roll!)

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4 Responses to “Useful links to take into your weekend”

  1. Murali says:

    Here are some cool links on bootstrapping a web based business/application, from people who created Odeo, Blogger, backpack,Ta-da list, Ruby on Rails..

  2. Articles on Getting Started for Entrepreneurs

    Pamela Slim posted links to a handful of her excellent getting started articles today at Escape from Cubicle Nation…. Getting in Position to Start a Business 3 Steps to Financially Prepare for Entrepreneurship Knowing it’s Time to Quit Your Day

  3. Pamela Slim says:


    I had that feeling, and looked it up quickly on Google – I did find an entry for Canadian Independence Day and didn’t dig further.

    Sorry to be a globally-clueless US-American. 🙂

    I will fix it now.

  4. Andy says:

    Not to pick nits [whatever they are], but we don’t have ‘Canadian Independence Day’ – it’s simply called Canada Day.

    Happy 4th and thanks for the links!