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I am hosting next week’s edition of the Carnival of Entrepreneurship.  For those of you not yet familiar with blog carnivals, they are a collection of posts on a particular topic edited by a different host each week.  Scott Allen, creator of the Carnival of Entrepreneurship explains it this way:

"The Carnival of Entrepreneurship is a traveling weekly blog carnival featuring the best of the entrepreneurial blogosphere. Each week, a host blogger reviews submitted posts and selects and posts the seven best, in their opinion, along with their editorial commentary.

As a reader, this is an easy way for you to keep up with what’s going on in the blogosphere without having to read dozens of blogs just to get the good stuff.

As a blogger, submitting your best post every week is a great way to increase exposure for your blog. And hosting a weekly edition is even better."

As host, I will choose seven of the best posts and write commentary about them here on my blog.

Submissions are due by close of business (Pacific Standard Time, US) Wednesday, May 24.  The Carnival will be published on Thursday afternoon, May 25.

If you want to submit a post, please use this form at Blog Carnival.  This will make it much easier to sort through the emails in my too-full inbox! 

I really look forward to learning a lot from the posts you submit.

5 Responses to “Call for submissions – Carnival of Entrepreneurship”

  1. This is not a Get Rich Quick scam. It took me 6 years and thousands of hours of hard work and trial and error to get where I am today. I do not make exactly
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  2. Pam:

    The old school “acronymania” is still alive! (I’m an ex-American Airlines MBO, remember those:), acronymaniac.)

    Vlogs utilize video as their primary content and presentation format.

    “Vloggers” are typically creating video blogs with text inlcluded.

    Think of you creating your daily blog posts in a video format vs text; or showing a short video clip to get your point across.

    The context of vlogs is best shown at sites like: .

    Vloggers are starting to be utilzied to create content, short 1-3 minute video clips, in a number of ways.

    Context: “Would you rather read about what its like to work here at Microsoft… OR…. see and listen to some of the team members you would be working with, where they work, what they do?”

    Video journalists are using this medium to create compelling videos that show up on sites such as and of course, .

    The more broadband becomes mainstream, the more you can look for video to be included as a complementary form of “communciating” online.

    And finally,when you think of Bain and Company, and you were trying to convince people that Bain Singapore is a fun place to work vs Boston Consulting Group or those boring guys at McKinsey, how would you do that? Heres how Bain did it way back in 2002. Enjoy.

    Hope this helped.

  3. Pamela Slim says:

    Hi Peter:

    I am not savvy as to how a vlog differs from a blog …but as long as the video is housed within a blog post, it should be fine. Educate me on the difference – I always want to learn!


  4. The blog, can be a video, correct?
    Or vlog, as they say in the vlogger world?

  5. argos says:

    I just began reading the archive and they are great. Congratulations. I imagine this will be fun for you. Looking forward to your choices and comments.