Which of these images says “escape” to you?

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I often get inspired to write posts after seeing a particularly strong image.  Maybe this is because I am the daughter of a photographer.  This was the case last evening as I was searching a number of stock photo sites for images that conveyed the feeling of "escape."   A few just stopped me in my tracks and I had to purchase them right away, as I am sure I will use them in my "Escape from Cubicle Nation" book and learning products. 

I would love to know what you think about them! (you can click on any image to see a bigger size)


Image #1:  This one really grips me, since I can feel the scary, oppressive inside of this dark cell.   The broken bar makes me feel joy, hope, exuberance and excitement.  It also conveys to me a common situation:  we can see a bright future right in front of us, but sometimes we choose to stay trapped in a cold, oppressive environment because it is familiar.


Image #2:  This one made me laugh more than anything, as it somehow feels like a nerdy corporate drone finally taking off and running for his life.  I like the simplicity and humor of the image.


Image #3:  This one is a little more abstract, but I am a sucker for rainbows as they fill me with wonder and joy.  This doesn’t have the same oppressive feeling as the others, which can be a good or bad thing depending on what I would use it for.  It may be too "goody two shoes new age" for some folks.


Image #4:  I liked this because of the idea of people helping each other to escape from an oppressive corporate environment.  But I kind of wonder about the two on the bottom, since once the other guy gets over the fence, do they get stuck inside?  And will they be punished by the guards for helping someone escape?


Image #5:  This makes me so SAD!!!  I can’t get over the power of this image.  It makes me want to go bust all the animals out of the zoo right now.  I feel so much emotion coming from this little monkey, and I can see this same level of angst in many people I run into in corporate jobs.

Which of these images really conveys the meaning of "escape" to you?

6 Responses to “Which of these images says “escape” to you?”

  1. Amy says:

    Hi. I wanted to let you know about a campaign Lipton is currently running meant to alleviate some of the work-stress we all accumulate. The site for the campaign is located at http://www.fightindooritis.com. It has some fun videos and a quiz to determine your over-worked level. I work at an agency called Gold Group, and we are helping our client, Lipton, spread the word about this campaign, so if you find the site interesting, I hope you can share it with your friends and readers.

  2. danny bee says:



    this says ESCAPE to me! SMILE

    speaking of cubicles, great post, and here’s a cute poem with pics about Escape from your Cubicle: i wrote it under pen name, trying now to get book of it . free online here



  3. Carla Golden says:

    Hi Pam,

    I like the picture of the three men climbing over the wall. It illustrates teamwork and is somewhat humorous. You’re right, the monkey picture, while a good illustration of frustration, is sooooo sad.

    You’re doing some great things and getting a lot of readers it looks like. Keep up the good work!


  4. Thanks for your comments Glenda and Sherry!

    As for your question about “escape to where?” Glenda, in my case it is creative people who are escaping from corporate careers that they don’t enjoy to start their own businesses.

    And as I can see from your answers, as well as others I have gotten via email, is that different images appeal to different people! Maybe the real solution is to use a lot of different images, not stick with one.

    All the best,

  5. Wow, these are powerful images. I would vote for #3. Once that chain has snapped, only a little more tugging and I’m gone. If only we could read that little monkeys thoughts…that photo says trapped to me. #1 is hopeful, just a little more time and I can break out of this. I wonder where it was taken, such a stark difference. The corporate guys helping each other…I think there could be a whole bunch of other guys on the other side and when the top one gets over, then they will all reach over from freedom and rescue the last one or two. #2, yes, run little drone, run!!

  6. My vote is for the first image. However, I find myself asking “escaping from where”? To where?

    With Image five, yes, it sad, if you look at it one way. But maybe those bars are protecting him from poachers. Or maybe he is healing before being released back into the wild. Or?

    It is interesting how, at least for me, perspective plays a factor in your question. The image you choose would, of course, depend upon your target audience and the message you want to convey. I could see image three also speaking to me in some ways, like breaking the chains of oppression or something more spiritual in a way.

    Just my initial thoughts. Don’t know if they help any.