Has life got you exhausted? Be gentle with yourself

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23152213_1Sometimes I can be an entrepreneur on fire, dashing out articles, products, advice and consulting with a snap in my fingers and a spring in my step.  Ideas flow and work gets done on my mile-long checklist.

But then there are those times that life interferes and it seems all work comes to a halt.  My little bubs Joshua got a nasty cough just in time for his 11 month birthday this week.  He is normally a happy and healthy guy, but he got bit by the bug that made its way around our family.  The poor guy woke up every 20 minutes last night, stuffy and uncomfortable and screaming in hopes it would bring miraculous relief.  All I could do was cuddle and feed him, and hope that the get well fairies were busy applying their magic remedies.

As a result of administering 24/7 tender loving care, I feel like a wet sponge.  So instead of beating myself up for not accomplishing everything I wanted to this week, I am going to complete one or two critical tasks and call it a day.  Then if the universe cooperates and Josh decides to take a nap, I will join him.  If you are feeling the same as I do, please be gentle with yourself!  There is always tomorrow.

3 Responses to “Has life got you exhausted? Be gentle with yourself”

  1. I’m with you, Pamela – I think it’s a sign of maturity to a) be conscious of our state, and b) dynamically adjust accordingly.

  2. Marilyn:

    For nightmare movies, how about “TYPOS FROM HELL: The Consultant Who Tried to Proofread Her Client’s Presentation After Three Nights Without Sleeping” or a PBS special “How do small babies produce their body weight in snot in the time it takes you to reach for a new kleenex?.

    I hope you got some rest and are back to your normal non-zombie Mom self.


  3. Pam! (Pats hand and passes kleenex and hot tea)

    I am starring in this movie. I’m not sure exactly what the title is…, “The Attack of the Zombie Mom” “The Child Who Would Not Sleep” “It Came from Out of his Nose”

    That nap thing sounds GOOD!