Afraid to make a major career change? Get advice from Dr. Philippa

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Philippa If you have been reticent to change careers due to a huge investment of money or time, you must read the current issue of Get a Life which tells the story of Dr. Philippa Kennealy.  She has made a major career shift from doctor to entrepreneurial coach.

I met her through a class that we were both taking on building our coaching businesses.  As I got to know her, I became fascinated by her inspiring story of career transformation and wanted to share it with all of you.

Even when we know we are miserable in our current career, we often hang on for fear of losing face or prestige.  What we lose when we do that is the chance to experience true joy at getting paid to do our life’s work.  It is scary, but Philippa shares that it is totally worth it!

3 Responses to “Afraid to make a major career change? Get advice from Dr. Philippa”

  1. Anthony M. Martinez says:

    Hello Dr. Phillipa!
    I am currently burnt-out with my state job…I have been employed almost 25 years this coming January, 09!….I have a Master Degree in School Counseling….I worked part time as an Adjunct Counselor for almost ten years, however never hired full-time…..I am almost 58 years old this comng Feb. 08, I am giving up on my dream of becoming a full time Community College Counselor..I feel very Depressed because I never reached my goal for what I went to school for, do you have any suggestions for this sad guy, who seems never to reach my goals….I felt the same way when I was in High School and never made the High School Sports team, I feel rejected, with very low self-esteem. I wish I could reach my goal of becoming a full-time Community College Counselor before it is all said and done, do you have any suggestions and/or guidance for this guy who never made the sports teams in high school….do you get my drift?…..I feel I am different than alot of people, because I am not a type of person that will chum with the boss and bring him coffee to his or her office..not good as spending the weekends with co-workers or golfing with the boss….maybe this the reason why I am not getting the jobs, right?…Pls. respond….thanks….Anthony

  2. Hi Dave:

    Yes, her husband was employed as a doctor during her transition. That definitely can make it easier to change careers when one spouse is employed, but I have seen people manage it by themselves as well. A little harder, but still feasible!


  3. Hi Pamela,

    Was Dr. Kennealy’s husband employed during her transition(s)?