Bottle that positive feedback – you’ll need it later!

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211247_flower_juice Lately I have been coaching a couple of creative, fabulous and talented women who are at different stages of growing their businesses.  Despite the fact that I believe that they have what it takes to really be successful, in their pursuit of freedom they occasionally run up against a gut-gripping fear, doubt, anxiety or plain old pissy mood.  It is at these times that I suggest they drink from their bottle of positive vibes.  And no, I am not referring to Jose Cuervo.

Here is what to do to create your very own bottle of positive vibes:

  • Save copies of wonderful things people write about you.  They can be a birthday card from your Mom, emails from raving customers, encouraging comments from a professor or a thoughtful letter from a friend.  My file is called "Pam’s Warm Fuzzies."  Name yours what you want.
  • When you experience success, experience it!  The experience I am talking about here is to feel the success deep down in your body.  Pay attention to how it feels, and where in your body you feel great.  Stop, walk outside, breathe and reflect on your accomplishment.
  • Make a short list of people you can call who lift you up.  Every time that I have to face a difficult consulting situation or teach a class to an important client, my best friend Desiree leaves me a voice mail message for me to listen to the morning of the engagement  "You are great!  Everyone loves you!  People wish they were you!  You will kill them!,"  she says. And the wonderful thing is that it makes me smile every time I hear it. Never mind if it is all true! With her in my corner, I can do anything.

Building a business is hard, sometimes scary work.  In order to get through the tough times, make sure you have strong, emotional anchors to remind you of your greatness and worth. 

Drink up!

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