Want an alternative way to discover yourself? Try SoulCollage

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Sootheyoursoul_1 In my usual meandering around the web, I found a very interesting site called SoulCollage.  They offer a variety of products, the cornerstone of which is a book called SoulCollage.  The book describes how to create your own deck of cards, each which represents a part of your soul, or personality.

This card featured is by Elizabeth Badurina and represents "I am the one who finds peace and connection in the middle of the Spiral."

I can think of all kinds of uses for these cards, like retreats, marketing workshops, women’s groups or just plain old self development.  Many people can express themselves better visually than they can in words, especially when defining their unique brand.

I ordered the book and can’t wait to get started on my deck of cards.  I will share them with you when I am done!

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