5 Ways to Avoid Death by To Do List

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This month’s Get a Life article is now online: 5 Ways to Avoid Death by To Do List.  I was inspired to write it by my own state of temporary insanity. My original topic was “Setting Positive Intentions,” since we are in the month of January and Chinese New Year starts on January 29. But I stopped and took a look around my own life and chuckled when I realized that I am:

  • Reading 6 books simultaneously in the bathtub where I take a bath at midnight after finishing the day’s activities. (click on the picture to see which ones!)
  • Taking 5 teleclasses that relate to growing my business
  • Working on a global corporate project
  • Organizing a large family event here in Arizona at the end of March with over 100 guests
  • Writing a book
  • Doing the everyday things to keep the house running … shopping for groceries, cooking, laundry and the occasional swipe of the dust mop
  • Chasing my very cute and active 10-month old son Josh around the house
  • Being a supportive Bonus mom to Jeff and spouse to Darryl

Since I don’t drink alcohol or smoke crack, I can only blame myself for creating such a ridiculous workload. So if you are anything like me, you may need to stop, reassess your situation and re-evaluate the number of things you are trying to accomplish simultaneously. I feel better already after writing the article!

Are you feeling overwhelmed?  Share your tale of woe here and maybe we can help each other deal with it more effectively.

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