5 things you can do to get your business idea moving while still employed

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Images_1 If you are one of the legions of cubicle dwellers who long to do something about your great business idea, you may feel stuck in analysis paralysis.  Ideas, plans, concerns, questions, fears and excitement all swirl around in your mind and create a cloud of gooey muck that stops you from getting anything done.  Here are some ideas for breaking the muck free:

  1. Write down a one-page summary of your idea.  Include the name and concept of the business, target audience and product or service ideas.  You may struggle while doing this, and that’s good!  Because the process of describing your business will help you clarify it. For more complete guidance on writing a business plan, see Startup Nation’s 10 Steps to Starting a Business
  2. Do a google search to see who else is doing similar things.  Start gathering information about the competitive landscape and see what you like or dislike about what other people are doing.  You may get slightly discouraged to find out someone has the same idea as you.  But better you find out now!  Who knows, you could find some great joint venture partners who will compliment what you have to offer.
  3. Search out someone who is very successful in this area and contact them.  Of particular importance is the "someone who is very successful" part of this step.  You want to surround yourself with people who have actually done what you want to do.  People are generally willing to share information, even if you may be in the same space as they are.
  4. Answer the question:  How would I make money at this?  Do some simple math equations to see how much you would have to sell to reach your income targets.  If you are selling products, how many would you have to sell at which price?  If you want to be a consultant, how many hours would you have to work each month?  The more you quantify your efforts, the easier it will be for you to imagine different ways to generate income.
  5. Get some structured help. Take a class at a local university, work with a SCORE counselor, join a Yahoo group like one that works with Robert Middleton’s Action Plan Toolkit or get yourself a coach.  Working with others is very motivating, and can help get you moving.

I can’t even guess the potential success of your new business idea.  But I will guarantee 100% failure if you just sit in your cube and think about it.

Get busy!

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