Death by cubicle

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In his gripping post Death by Cubicle, Matthew Sheahan captures the spirit, mood, despair and insanity felt by some people trapped inside Cubicle Nation.  Exerpts:

"Sometimes I think that I will suffer a death by cubicle. Not that the place where I work presents any mortal danger. If the walls of my cubicle collapsed and fell on top of me I would be able to escape without any serious injury. I could probably survive a fall from a nearby window if I had to jump during a bad fire. I might land on the homeless couple that camps out underneath one of the boss’s windows. No, what I mean is that working in the regular working world will eat away at my heart and soul to the point that I will either take my own life in a spectacular way or I will finally submit to the life of a corporate drone, a condition worse than death."

"One of my co-workers was fired last year. It was a big shock to me, seeing as she had been there for about six years and was a consistent and good worker. I have kept in touch with her, and she told me that getting fired was the best thing that could have happened to her. She started her own jam company as a hobby a few years ago, and has been working harder at it since being fired. While her firing causes me to live in constant fear of losing my job, it also leaves me longing. If she can get fired and land on her feet doing something she loves, then what’s stopping me? Maybe financial stability is a small price to pay for happiness and/or sanity."

Matthew is a journalist, so his writing is very good.  But perhaps my favorite part of the whole thing is a comment at the end of his post:

"i do believe your daydreams may come true if somone from "the office" reads your latest column. best of luck!"


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