Sharing the pain of a typo

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I have been focused on growing my Get a Life ezine subscriber list this month, so I contacted Lorraine Carol of Simply Virtual Works about her Article Submission Service.  All sounded great, so I submitted a couple of articles for her to distribute to various ezine directories.

When I was reviewing the confirmation emails today, I visited a site where Lorraine had submitted an article.  I checked my "bio box" at the bottom of the article and clicked on the link to this blog.  Only I had typed in the wrong URL … so instead of coming here, it brought me to the highly undesireable "Address not found" page.

Lesson learned:  check and double check your links before submitting your articles.  Once they are submitted and posted, you cannot go back and edit. You can check your blog post links by hitting "Preview" and testing before you publish.

At least I learned this the first time around!

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