Building your business muscles takes work every day

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I don’t know about you, but I often wish the "Make a million dollars in 30 days while doing your nails on your coffee break!" emails and promotions  were really true.  Wouldn’t it be great if building your own business was easy and effortless?  That there was a secret formula that, once applied, would net you millions?

I have found the reality to be much different.  Every successful entrepreneur I have known, online and off, has shared a common quality:  they all work very hard, on a consistent basis.  Sure they tear their hair out sometimes, get frustrated or afraid, but the key is that they don’t give up.  And they work towards their goals every day.  This is what keeps them successful in the long-term.

I learned this lesson while training martial arts for many years … in order to be sharp, on your game, and able to handle challenge and conflict, you have to train consistently.  Building a business is a marathon, not a sprint. 

So if you are thinking about joining the game of entrepreneurship, I suggest that you start by establishing regular and consistent habits in your research phase.  You will thank yourself later, when your business gets off the ground and you need stable, consistent endurance.

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