Are you a human google?

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I have been reading Andrea Lee’s Multiple Streams of Coaching Income.  She has coined an interesting term: "Human Google." She uses this in reference to your ability to take an overwhelming topic and narrow it down and explain it simply for your target audience.  The problem, she says, is that there is too much information out there and people are overwhelmed.

I really like this concept as it is applies to defining useful, profitable businesses that cut through truckloads of information and provide relief for overwhelmed people out there.  Here are human googles that I adore:

  • My accountant Steve who can sort through tax laws, accounting systems, and financial statements and gives me the bottom line
  • My web designer Paul who is a technology whiz and can take my general ideas and make them come alive online
  • My mentor Suzanne Falter-Barnes who has tried every trick in the book for promoting herself (to great success I might add) and who makes it easy for me to try new things.

Are you a Human Google on a particular topic?  Where could you sort through heaps of information and provide real service to your target market?  Sounds like a winning business idea to me!

3 Responses to “Are you a human google?”

  1. danny bloom says:


    “The most fascinating thing about the conference was the people, as
    always. Last year I called it “human google” and I think that’s a good
    way to describe it. If you bring 240 smart, engaged, active,
    passionate people together, you are bound to learn an enormous amount.
    I spent a week apart from the internet, which was lovely, and I didn’t
    even notice the absence of internet technologies, because I had only
    to ask a question, and if the person I was talking to didn’t know,
    they could find someone who did. I learned a great deal about public
    health, the economic value of humanure, agricultural educational
    policy, old soil research and a million other things.”

  2. danny bloom says:

    i see this post was 2005, i am way behind the human google loop.


  3. danny bloom says:

    Hi Pam,
    remember me from the Escape from Your Cubicle online poem you posted on last year 2006? Happy 2008.

    Hey, this term HUMAN GOOGLE is getting traction. i saw it independetly today on a blog in canada, a woman said she went to a conference for 4 days and felt like it was a human google experience.

    google the term HUMAN GOOGLE and you will see how the term is appearing here and there and everywhere. interesting concept

    human googling, to do some human google, a human google, wow!



    now working on polar cities for future of 2500 . maybe no cubicles there. ouch!