How new perspectives on old products can open huge market opportunities

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Until I became a mom, I had no idea what a big role baby wipes would play in my life.  I no longer go anywhere without them in my purse, car or suitcase.

But adult wipes, a new twist on the multi-billion dollar toilet paper market, kind of took me for surprise.  When I first started to see them advertised and placed next to the toilet paper in supermarkets, I marveled at the marketing mind that thought that up.  Charmin’s version, Fresh Mates, promises "a cleaner clean than dry alone."  The environmentalist in me doesn’t want yet another wipe product that will go into landfills, but the marketer in me has to love the brilliance of promoting an add-on product to toilet paper that can potentially reach every derriere in the world.

Your creativity in thinking about old markets in new ways is your greatest asset as a budding entrepreneur. You may not be able to reach 6 billion derrieres, but  you could build a very healthy business.

One Response to “How new perspectives on old products can open huge market opportunities”

  1. David says:

    I can more than relate to this idea. Back when I started getting interested in the whole motivation/self-improvement field, people asked me pretty much word for word, “David, just how many ways are there to tell folks to just get off their tails and do something?”

    In a way, they were right. There were/are so many folks out there motivating people. But sometimes it takes a slightly different view to push folks to change.