Back in the saddle after visiting Cubicle Nation

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I have been out of contact for the last couple of days since I took a trip back to California to meet with one of my corporate clients.  I have agreed to do a couple of projects with the express purpose of generating some income so that I can continue to write my book, Escape from Cubicle Nation. (I call this "being your own venture capitalist.") I attended some meetings and had a good planning session with my wonderful and supportive client.  While I was there, I reflected on a few things:

  • My days of spending most of my consulting time in large corporations are coming to an end.  I just don’t feel the same fire that I felt for the first 9 years of my business.
  • Despite dealing with some stressful corporate madness, I have met some kind, generous, creative and thoughtful people inside every company I have worked for.  Some of them really like to work there and don’t feel the same oppression that I feel when inside a large corporation.  So I should be thoughtful about describing what Escape from Cubicle Nation is about, and not portray all corporations as evil places.  That won’t be helpful for anyone.
  • It sure makes it easier to be in a corporate role when you know WHY you are there.  I have very specific financial and research goals for the next 6 months, and being so focused helps me stay positive when I get bogged down in the energy of "the machine."

It feels good to be back home, letting my mind explore the new, creative and exciting territory of helping free closet entrepreneurs. 

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