Tuning into clues about the work you are meant to do

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You may struggle with finding the exact work that you are meant to do.  This is different from work that you like to do or are good at.  This kind of work comes from a powerful, natural place.  It often has been locked in the basement of your mind since it may not be what your golf partners think you should do, your parents approve of or your husband thinks will pay the rent.  You might not know exactly what it is either, so here are some things to take note of when searching for your life’s work:

  • You are naturally curious about this subject and spend hours reading about it whenever you get the time
  • You think about it when your mind is calm and relaxed, such as when you are taking a walk in the woods or after a yoga class
  • You love to talk about it.  Your conversation naturally migrates to this topic, whether you want it to or not!
  • You say things like "of course I love this, but I could never get paid to do it!"

My best friend always teased me that I had an uncontrollable tendancy to "probe" people, including her friends and co-workers.  Within five minutes of meeting each other, I would be asking deep questions about their innermost desires for their life, and they would be spilling their guts out about their current work and family situation.  She would overhear the conversation and give me one of her looks, and I would just shrug my shoulders in defeat.  I simply could not have a normal, mundane conversation.  I am intensely fascinated by people’s lives and choices, and have a strange, intuitive sense when someone is not aligned with their right life.  And for some reason, people open up to me in all kinds of places like parties, in classes, at bus stops and in Starbucks.

Since I have paid attention to it, I now realize that this is a gift I can use in my work. 

Take your own inventory, write it down, and you may find that a business idea can spring from this powerful natural gift.

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