Building my Brand Journal: One person at a time

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The last two weeks have been full of activities to build my brand and get my ideas out to the people I care about the most:  creative, passionate, spiritual and stifled entrepreneurs that are living in corporate jobs across the globe.  I have soon realized that I cannot do any of it alone.  The gals at The Blog Squad have been wonderful, kind and helpful.  After I sent them a note asking how to get a link on their site, they wrote about my blog in their Build a Better Blog.  I was very honored to get a mention from such experts.

I then used their services to list my blog in about 120 directories because frankly I don’t have enough time in the evening to do it all individually, and I thought the $95 charge was well worth the cost.

At times, the sheer number of bloggers out there and seemingly endless things to learn can become kind of overwhelming.  When I get in over my head, I stop, take a breath and remember to just build my community one person and one day at a time.  I have already met some kind, thoughtful and interested people that support my desire to share information on this topic.  So I will keep writing, keep connecting, and eventually the numbers of interested people will grow.

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