Planning by the light of the moon

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For some reason this past June, I got an overwhelming feeling that I needed to do something significant to mark the passing of the Summer Solstice.  I know that somewhere many generations back in my English/Welsh/Scottish/Irish heritage that my ancestors paid close attention to the changing of the seasons and the power of the natural elements in the planning of their everyday life. 

So on June 20, my family gathered after dinner and we shared our thoughts for what we wanted to see happen for ourselves in the new season.  My bonus son Jeffery wanted to do more of his art; his girlfriend Nikita wanted to volunteer with kids; and my husband Darryl wanted to keep his business humming so that he could support the kids in college and I could continue to spend lots of time with our new baby Josh.  I said that I wanted to finally rewrite my website to launch the next phase of my business.  The next morning, I received an email from Robert Middleton informing me of a contest he was hosting to redesign websites using his Website Toolkit.

Fast forward three months and I was celebrating a second-place win in the contest just in time for the Fall Equinox!  This time I wished to grow my ezine subscriber list 5-fold.  We have 2 months to go and I am 25% there. 

If you have to plan your business, why not do it according to a calendar that has meaning for you?  I highly recommend it.

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