Does your environment match your intentions to leave the corporate world behind?

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Yesterday I attended a free conference call by Vicky White called "Feng Shui Strategies to Attract Your Perfect Clients."  I have found a lot of value in examining how my environment supports or detracts from my life, so I always am interested in learning new things that can help my clients.

Vicky shared the story of the feng shui dilemma of one of her clients that was leaving the corporate world and starting his own business.  He couldn’t understand why he was struggling so much to leave his corporate life behind.  When she asked him to look around his new home office, he realized that all around him were artifacts of his corporate success:  framed awards, company memorabilia, and photos that commemorated his time in a corporate job.  She advised him to clear his office of these old items and replace them with items and images that reflected the new chapter in his life.

As Vicky stressed, objects in your office create an energy field of attraction.  If you are mindful of aligning your real intentions and your environment, you may find that things come easier to you.

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