Post your big vision here and watch it come alive!

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In this month’s issue of Get a Life, I shared the story of Flagstaff, Arizona artist Louis Buchetto.  Before he had the gumption to become an artist and open his own successful gallery, he wrote the following statement on a piece of paper that he put on the wall beside his bed:

I will create a unique form of art, share it with the world and become rich and famous.

He read this statement for 3 months straight, 6 or 7 times a day until he believed it to be true.  And it worked!

Some of you may think this is a bunch of California woo woo stuff that only works if you are a New-Age hippie like me.  Trust me, it isn’t.  This really works.  I am convinced it is how I have created a successful business and found a wonderful husband.

What is your vision for yourself? 

Using the comment tool underneath this post, say it in clear, tangible terms.  Speak from your heart – articulate what you really want.  Sharing with others will exponentially increase its probability to come true.

6 Responses to “Post your big vision here and watch it come alive!”

  1. Lenora says:

    I will create a feminine epi-center via internet that supports growth, encourages success, minimizes doubts, contains fears, explores love and feeds wealth.

  2. Jen Mathis says:

    I will create an art work space and gallery for “weekend art warriors” like myself (or anybody who has taken a non-traditional path into becoming an artist) that is affordable, approachable, fun, and rich with learning opportunities.

  3. Jennifer says:

    I will create a business that will help change the world for the better, be deeply satisfying and joyful to me, and bring me financial prosperity so that I can continue to help others.

  4. Ryan says:

    I will create a form of business that helps those in need while allowing me to work for myself, love doing it and more than prosper.

  5. Lynne Slightom says:

    What is your vision for yourself?

    A friend sent this to me and it must be a sign because I am currently in the “Artist’s Way” class based on the book by Julia Cameron of the same name (which I highly recommend to anyone reading this blog) and we were supposed to name our true dream and it WAS HARD to do!

    But I finally got in touch with want I REALLY wanted and this is it. So I am sending it out into the universe and we will see what happens.

    I will create beautiful fiber art for people all over the world that helps them become their authentic selves. Through this I will become rich and famous and help animal welfare organizations with their missions.

    Thank you for these stories. what great inspiration!

  6. Pamela! Hello!

    Thanks so much for the story about Louis Buchetto! Great stuff and very inspiring.

    Keep using your superpowers for good!