Building my Brand Journal: It sure ain't build it and they will come!

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I have been working at a feverish pace on my blog.  My brain is filled with things I want to write about and I have to carry a notebook around at all times just so I capture all the ideas.  I have been trying to post new entries at least once a day.  But I realize that I have to put a lot of energy this week into getting my blog out there so that someone besides my most loyal friends and family will read what I have written!  Since I just started this blog two weeks ago, I have a long way to go to get my name out there in the blog world. 

Late at night as I sit in my bathtub (yes, truly the only peaceful time to read when Josh is asleep and I am done writing) I am reading through the section of Get Known Now that is called "Promote Yourself Online."  Man, are there a lot of things to do!  This week I am going to search for other blogs that have a similar audience as mine that I can cross-promote in.

And a note to my Feedblitz subscribers … I am so sorry that you have been getting a bunch of duplicate entry updates.  I had to go back to my posts and make sure they pinged back to Technorati.  Every time I save and republish a post, Feedblitz interprets it as a new entry.  Sorry to be annoying and I promise to get better as I go along!

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