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I am currently enrolled in a kick-butt class called Platform Push, run by my new favorite mentor Suzanne Falter-Barnes.  (no offense to Martha Beck, my constant North Star mentor and inspiration!) It is a six-month class conducted via telephone that is all about building your brand and marketing platform.  There are about a dozen other people in the class with me and we meet twice a month.

While I have been in business for 9 years and have a well-known presence with my corporate clients, I am now kicking off a whole new direction with "Escape from Cubicle Nation."  This will require a lot of writing, marketing, speaking, connecting and building of new products and services.

Since many of you are in the beginning stages of going out on your own and building your brand, I thought it would be helpful to share the nuts and bolts of what I am learning as I go through the process.  So I will check in a couple of times a week with cool new things I have learned, frustrations, revelations and good resources.

Suzanne’s blog Painless Self Promotion is worth signing up for on Feedblitz (that is in the upper right corner of her blog, just like mine – you get an email update anytime there is a new post).  She has extremely practical and helpful advice for those of us trying to get our name and brand out there!

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