Real evidence of Cubicle Nation inhabitants

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A short search on Google led me to a tribe of Cubicle Nation inhabitants.  In their words,

"For the denizens of the millions of beige boxes around the world. Like mice in lab cages, neatly laid out side by side, you will find us. We have photos of our families and pets hung with small pins on the bland fabric walls. A small toy or two sits next to the computer monitor. We can hear each other’s phone conversations, and when something of interest happens nearby, our heads pop up like a giant corporate whack-a-mole game. We are…


Cubicle Nation –

A few sample comments reinforce my belief that for some, survival strategies are akin to putting lipstick on a pig.

Mon, September 27, 2004 – 12:18 PM
Cubicle decor
So what do you add to your beige cell to make it more homey?

I have little goodies like toy cars, a statue of Gutenberg, a miniature of the chopping block used to behead Henry’s wives (that makes me smile when I think of some folks here), photos of my cats and my hubby, some peacock feathers in a vase, a picture of the two of us drinking wine in Germany, a mosaic pencil holder…lots of paper and crap.

(Notice that the "lots of paper and crap" is the actual work that she is paid to do inside the cubicle.)

Sat, August 21, 2004 – 6:00 PM
Wasting away in Cubeville

There must be millions of us out there; mouse-clicking, paper-stacking, fresh-air-yearning drones of The Great Hive.  Our walls are beige, our carpets are grey.  We are … cubicle nation.

Sat, August 21, 2004 – 8:03 PM
Re:  Wasting away in Cubeville

LOL!  Hey…I can go a step further…mine is in the basement of the building!

National Lampoon had the other corner on Cubicle Nation – under office pranks. 

Cubicle Nation!
-A shotgun
-A homemade flag

Come to work and declare your cubicle an independent country.  Construct your own flag for your cubicle/country with your face as the emblem.  Hang the flag high over your work space, naming the country after yourself.  Also create an original national anthem and sing it at full volume.  If you can’t think of an original tune, use a song from 80’s rockers RATT.

When a co-worker comes near your cube, yell, "Get the hell out of MY country!"  Make specific rules which govern your new country.  Start a revolution to overthrow other cubicles.  Make them refer to you as "El Presidente."  When security comes to remove you from the building, put up a fight, protecting the rights of your country and its bi-laws.  Once escorted to your car, drive home and enjoy a hearty laugh at coworker’s expense.

Need I say more?

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