Tracking your right life: Interview with Martha Beck

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Those of you who have been following my work for awhile know that I have been heavily influenced by my coach mentor Dr. Martha Beck. Her book Finding Your Own North Star changed the course of my life when I read it nearly a decade ago, and eventually led to my Escape from Cubicle Nation work.

Martha is a Harvard-trained sociologist and bestselling author. She is Oprah’s life coach in residence, and writes a monthly column for O Magazine.

In this interview, I talk with Martha about her brand new book Finding Your Way in a Wild New World. Building on the research she started at Harvard many years ago, she explains how an encounter with an angry rhinoceros in Africa triggered an entirely new direction in her life, and led to this book. Rather than thinking your way to your right work, why not track your right life? We discuss:

  • How to find a path in life that will make you happy
  • Why the most “fancy” (wealthy, successful) people in the world are often unhappy
  • What elders from around the world agree on about creating happiness and magic in your life

Find Martha at

Download the podcast directly here: or listen below:


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7 Responses to “Tracking your right life: Interview with Martha Beck”

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  3. Simrat says:

    Thanks for posting about Martha Beck. I really enjoyed her blog and have subscribed. Now off to listen to the interview.

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  5. Amazing interview, thanks for sharing Pam (I still have goose pumps:))

    Martha, It is amazing how you were able to create something great from your experience and most of ALL, share it with us!!

    Many of us still have wounds that need healing, but, we are afraid to confront them, we continue to separate ourselves from being One with nature, rediscovering our true passion and true value…

    We do not not realize the many different choices we have in any given circumstance, we separate ourselves from our natural flow and victimize ourselves. Sometimes, we allow negative forces to store in our bodies, anger, resentment, guilt, beliefs…they are all usually from a past wound that did not heal. Furthermore, I realized, that most of us, will react in a certain way, not necessarily because of the circumstance, but, because somehow, subconsciously, it reminds us of a hurtful past event that we do not want to relive…only when we are able to become One with nature, will we accept that these circumstances are our fertilizers to grow and create that greatness within us…I love the way you spoke about remembering our passions!!!!!!

  6. I do really enjoy your podcast, so I’m looking forward to listening to this later.

    Is the book worth buying? 😉

  7. Delightful interview. Thanks for sharing!