How to get out of your own way as an entrepreneur

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Last week, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Koren Motekaitis, a good friend and former client who has a radio show called “How She Does It.”

One of the reasons that Koren and I really connect is that we both have backgrounds in sport coaching in addition to being life coaches. She runs a successful swimming school with her husband, and applies what she has learned from years of training athletes to help her own clients achieve success. She also doesn’t mind when I get old school cranky about how people need to stop looking for quick fixes in business, and get back to the basics of training.

I do a lot of radio interviews, but I particularly liked the questions that she asked about specific, pragmatic ways that you can grow your business and avoid getting tripped up by your own thoughts or fears.

Enjoy our hour-long interview here:

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2 Responses to “How to get out of your own way as an entrepreneur”

  1. Just now catching up to listen to this. So many things here that I needed to hear. Could not be happier that I chose to spend time listening to this. Thank You & a have a blessed, joyful, prosperous New Year!

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