Quick tips for kickstarting your marketing planning for 2012

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I have been feeling a bit of angst around the Interwebs from business owners who are brewing with ideas at the end of this year, but do not quite know how to organize them into the shape of a marketing plan for 2012.

To get you started, I wanted to share two tools that I use all the time with clients.

The first I stole from my dear friend Andrea J. Lee. Report my theft to her at @andreajlee.

The second is so basic that it is almost insulting — which is why it works so well. Simplicity wins the race in planning, every time.

Enjoy 11 minutes of tactical planning help! See on YouTube at this link:


I will be doing a LOT more with video marketing tips in the new year. Look for a laid back fancypants studio, music, even animation. It is a Hell Yes for me, in support of my Power Boost Marketing initiative. Now go rock on with your bad selves!

P.S. If you want your own 6-pack of Whoopass, get it here http://www.jonessoda.com/beverages/limited-grapple-whoopass-6-pack.html Thanks @AndyPels for my personal supply!

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12 Responses to “Quick tips for kickstarting your marketing planning for 2012”


  2. Pam, I use this strategy, too, and find it to be so helpful. Thanks for sharing this with all of us! For those of us that have a bit of a challenge with linear processes, this allows a bit of “wiggle room” in our thinking to achieve our ideal results.

    So looking forward to what’s next!


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  5. If anybody out there is afraid of how they look on camera, do not be shocked. Reese Witherspoon does not like how she looks on camera either. Outside of that, video is very attractive to the search engines.

  6. Michelle says:

    Oh, I love this! I did something very similar to this the other day – though not using post-its and using a notebook instead of a flip chart. (I like the idea of having post-its for flexibility & a large flip chart/posterboard for visibility – might have to try that!) I felt *a lot* better after doing it – when you have specific, ambitious-but-attainable goals, they can seem a little paralyzing before you break it all down. I ended up with a fairly detailed outline for Q1 and a vaguer outline for the rest of the year that will be revisited and edited as needed when it’s a little closer to that point. It was really empowering and exciting to do – I’m a total nerd for activities like that and I LOVED it!

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  8. Andy Pels says:

    H E Double Hockey Sticks, Yes!
    I am going to quandrantize 2012 today!
    That guy who sent you the soda is way cool, by the way.

  9. Shawn Tuttle says:

    Thanks for the helpful kick in the pants to get goals out of the ole noggin and into a visible form I can work with.

    One thing I did after dividing my canvas into the three sections for Hell Yes/No/Maybe was to pause for a few minutes. I did a short meditation to connect head-heart-spirit. I finished this up with: “I am so grateful for this opportunity to share my skills, experience and wisdom with others through my business.”

    This helped me stay clear in perceiving the difference between Hell Yes and Maybe (I’ve got Hell No nailed down). It also helped a Lot in keeping my over-ambitious voice in check.

  10. Kit Brown-Hoekstra says:

    Once again, you’ve read my mind. I was just thinking about all the stuff I want to do in the next few months and trying to figure out how to get it done. This is perfect and quick. I’m doing it this week.

  11. fas says:

    Excellent tips there, even though u say stolen, I think its really good.

  12. This is just so perfect on so many levels! I love the “Hell yes!” and the “Hell no!” I just realized this week that I freeze, procrastinate and bog down when I accept “Hell no,” projects. So this just reenforces the whole new “Aha!” And now I can come out of my office supply closet!! lol!! I use post-it’s on my white board! That way I can move them around from category to category. [And the Jones Soda? My FAV is cream soda…but Food Lion quit carrying it…so bummed.]